Course & Slope Ratings Blue Tees
5829 Yards
White Tees
5456 Yards
Red Tees
4807 Yards
Hybrid Tees
5107  Yards
Course Rating 68.4 66.7 64.5 65.5
Slope 129 124 112 115


Course & Slope Ratings

Blue Tees
5829 Yards
White Tees
5456 Yards
Red Tees
4807 Yards
Hybrid Tees
5107  Yards
Course Rating 74.1 71.7 68.0 69.7
Slope 134 129 120 125




HOLE #1 – PAR 4
Blue – 360 yards
White – 342 yards
Red – 305 yards

This short but demanding par 4 requires an accurate tee shot to set up a short approach to an extremely sloped green. Lateral Hazard to the right of the cart path and OB well left.

Pro Tip:
Lay back just short of the 150 marker or get past the downslope in the fairway to a fairly flat lie around the 100 yard marker. Keep your approach under the hole as this green breaks much more severely than may appear from top to bottom left.

HOLE #2 – PAR 3
Blue – 114 yards
White – 94 yards
Red – 86 yards

This beautiful par-3 features a gorgeous vista back over Georgian Bay. The sprawling green slopes off in all directions making good yardage control imperative.

Pro Tip:
Normally downwind, club selection to this green is critical to getting your tee shot close to the hole. Too much backspin to the front pin location will make the ball spin off the green and down the hill.

HOLE #3 – PAR 5
Blue – 502 yards
White – 462 yards
Red – 426 yards

This dogleg par-5 is a gambler’s delight as it requires the perfect placement on every shot to obtain par. The undulating green makes three-putting (or worse) a distinct possibility. Water hazard (yellow stakes) left off the tee and Lateral short right of the green.

Pro Tip:
If the pin is on the front, hitting the ball just short of the green leaves a simple, uphill chip. When the flag is back, hitting the ball over the pond sightly long and right also leaves an uphill chip.

HOLE #4 – PAR 4
Blue – 394 yards
White – 367 yards
Red – 308 yards

This strong dogleg par-4 that curls around the corner fairway bunker leaving an uphill approach to a two-tiered green.

Pro Tip:
A slightly aggressive tee shot over the bunker will leave a shorter approach into the green. Be wary when shooting for a back pin as a shot missed over the green is trouble.

HOLE #5 – PAR 3
Blue – 140 yards
White – 128 yards
Red – 116 yards

A pretty par-3 along the railway boundary of the course. The clover leaf-shaped green is surrounded by bunkers to catch slightly errant iron shots.

Pro Tip:
Shoot for the centre of the green to have no more than a medium length putt remaining to any pin on the green.

HOLE #6 – PAR 5
Blue – 501 yards
White – 484 yards
Red – 451 yards

The picturesque par-5 sixth meanders around several ponds to a wide shallow green encircled by bunkers and water.

Pro Tip:
Avoid a train wreck on your scorecard by playing this par 5 in three conservative shots. An iron or fairway wood from the tee; followed by a lay up shot placed to 120 yards from the green sets up an approach shot over water aimed towards the centre of the green. If the flag is cut on the left, a successful gamble requires a perfectly struck drive over the corner of the pond leaving an approach shot from 220 yards.

HOLE #7 – PAR 3
Blue – 166 yards
White – 144 yards
Red – 130 yards

This uphill, medium length par-3 features a stunning rock face behind the large undulating green nestled in the forest.

Pro Tip:
Swallow your pride and use one more club than normal and keep the ball out of the deep bunkers to the left! A difficult green to putt so good luck!

HOLE #8 – PAR 4
Blue – 429 yards
White – 409 yards
Red – 356 yards

A monster par-4 that plays uphill past a set of fairway bunkers to a narrow and treacherous green.

Pro Tip:
Hit everything you got left of the first fairway bunker to set up an approach left and below the pin (or just short of the green). Missing the green right leaves a greasy downhill chip while tree roots entangle balls missed left or long.

HOLE #9 – PAR 5
Blue – 491 yards
White – 481 yards
Red – 394 yards

Leave it or hate it, this unique par-5 requires precision and patience. The hole flows downhill around a dramatic dogleg to the left between rock outcroppings to a large kidney-shaped green.

Pro Tip:
Aim your tee shot at the Canada flag in the distance. Players attempting to reach this green in two need to hit their tee shot left of the flagpole, leaving a flat approach from the approximately 230 yards. Lateral hazard runs down both sides of the entire hole.

HOLE #10 – PAR 3
Blue – 124 yards
White – 111 yards
Red – 94 yards

A pretty par-3 over a pond that requires an accurate shot to a small green sloped from back to front.

Pro Tip:
If the wind is swirling, take one more club, choke down and hit a knockdown under the wind to avoid spinning the ball off the front of the green.

HOLE #11 – PAR 5
Blue – 485 yards
White – 430 yards
Red – 392 yards

A narrow par-5 snakes between twin rock walls to a large and rolling putting surface.

Pro Tip:
The look of this hole changes dramatically between the middle and back tee decks, but with a long straight tee shot, a go at the green is possible for a chance at birdie or eagle. Lateral hazard left and right of the fairway on the tee shot.

HOLE #12 – PAR 3
Blue – 127 yards
White – 118 yards
Red – 108 yards

A seemingly simple par-3 but depending on the pin position, putting this green can be difficult.

Pro Tip:
Centre of the green will leave fairly flat putts. Avoid going past the hole if the flag sits in a small bowl on the right of the green.

HOLE #13 – PAR 4
Blue – 269 yards
White – 256 yards
Red – 236 yards

Our signature hole is short and deadly. Take a poke at the green if you dare but a less than perfect shot  will result in a precarious lie wedged next to the rocks fronting and backing the green.

Pro Tip:
Lay up to the 100 yard marker to leave a full shot aimed to the left side of the green. The further right the pin, the more difficult this hole plays. Par on this great hole is always a good number.

HOLE #14 – PAR 4
Blue – 316 yards
White – 286 yards
Red – 251 yards

This tree-lined par-4 features a blind tee shot followed by a downhill approach to a large green nestled in the trees.

Pro Tip:
Aim down the left centre of the fairway using enough club to get past the 150 yard marker on top of the hill to leave a flat approach.

HOLE #15 – PAR 5
Blue – 551 yards
White – 529 yards
Red – 450 yards

The longest par-5 on the golf course bends around a wooded area and a large pond to a very wide green encircled by bunkers.

Pro Tip:
Hit a long straight drive here followed by a lay up down the left centre of the fairway to avoid the water. Take dead aim on your third shot for a chance at a birdie.

HOLE #16 – PAR 3
Blue – 175 yards
White – 158 yards
Red – 102 yards

This par-3 16th plays over a pond to a very long green squeezed between two receptive traps.

Pro Tip:
Check your ego here and hit enough club to get over the water easily. Pay attention to the pin position on this three club green to avoid a monster putt.

HOLE #17 – PAR 4
Blue – 355 yards
White – 333 yards
Red – 316 yards

This gorgeous par-4 curls around a pond leaving an uphill approach to a devilish green.

Pro Tip:
Hit straight and towards the right fairway bunker to leave yourself about 150 yards uphill. Need a birdie? Be confident and take your drive over the pond at the 100 yard marker for a much shorter approach.

HOLE #18 – Par 4
Blue – 330 yards
White – 324 yards
Red – 286 yards

This medium-length par-4 requires a precise tee shot to a multi-tiered fairway followed by a steep semi-blind downhill second shot to a narrow kidney-shaped green tucked between pond, bunker and rocks. Lateral hazard right of the tee.

Pro Tip:
Hit to the flat area around the 100 yard marker to give yourself a full view of the green below. Aim for the middle of the green when the pin is back to avoid spoiling your round with a large number finish.





Course Maintenance

To keep the golf course in great shape, golfers can help by replacing divots, repairing ball marks and keeping on cart paths as much as possible.

Brad Hummel. Greens Superintendant

Larry Fleetham, Greens Chairman